Large Pink Teacher Candle

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Our hand poured soy wax candles are made with Australia's highest quality wax and non toxic fragrances. Our teacher candles come in a 300ml Luxe pink Jar with two variety of fragrances to choose from.

Fragrances: Kakadu Plum &  Salted Caramel

300ml glass jar with a burn time of up to 45 hours

Ally Friendly

CANDLE CARE: Our candles come ready to light. Find a safe surface and keep out of reach of children. Before each burn please trim the wick to 5mm and remove any mushrooming from previous burns. Ensure your wax pools. Allow the entire top layer to become a liquid pool of wax and burn to the edge each time to reduce chances of a memory ring forming. Candles should not burn for longer then 4 hours per burn.