Scrunchie - Salt Lake (Red)

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Artwork:  Salt Lake
Artist:  Heather Kennedy

There are about three salt lakes in Northern Territory in Australia. Among these lakes, Amadeus is the longest Salt Lake. It spans about 180km (110miles) in length and 10km (6.2miles) in width. It is estimated to contain 600 million tons of salt. Due to aridity of the area, the surface of the lake formed like salt crust. However, sometimes due to heavy rain, the salt is washed away to the nearby Kinke river.

Heather Kennedy is an experienced Aboriginal artist from Victoria, Australia. Her dreaming is Black Possum. She has strong sense of colour and design. She depicted the crusty surface of the Salt Lake and nearby surroundings with excellent patterns and engaging colours.

Goanna Dreaming and Possum Land & Water Dreaming are some of Heather’s famous designs 

100% cotton, scrunchied are handmade by us on Yuggera Country.

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