Yaama (Hello in Gamilaraay language), My name is Natasha Kaiser nee Budda-Deen, I am a proud Aboriginal woman from the Gomeroi tribe in NSW, I descend from a strong line of men and women from the Beale and Griffith bloodlines and am so proud to bring you my small business - Wurrumay Collective, Wurrumay meaning Son in my language was only fitting given I have two sons of my own. I currently reside in Western Australia with my little family. 

I was lucky enough to learn to paint from a young age, and weave later in life when my aunty felt I was ready. Two of my uncle's and aunty shared their crafts with me and I feel very grateful to be able to share that with you. I am very grateful to the strong women and men in my family who have mentored and guided me throughout the years which has helped shape me into the strong, black woman I am today.

I initially started my business as an art page. I have spent a lot of time painting over the years but really got back into it properly when pregnant with my eldest son. During maternity leave with my second son, I decided to expand my business to a collective and offer so much more then commissioned artwork. I also wanted products that everyone could afford, but also maintaining a connection to my Aboriginal culture. I am always expanding my range and looking for new ways to develop my brand. The end goal is to have my own warehouse and employ a heap of mob to come and help me.

I have a passion for luxury bath and body products and love nothing more then lighting a nice candle. I am always learning how to create new products and find better ways to live a low tox life.

A special mention to my late uncle Duck, you have inspired me to do so much with myself, my family and most importantly my art and culture. Thank you for everything you taught me. This is for you unc.