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Yaama (Hello in Gamilaraay language), I am so proud to welcome you to my small handmade business - Wurrumay Collective. My name is Natasha Kaiser, I am the founder and owner of Wurrumay Collective and I am a proud Aboriginal woman from the Gomeroi tribe in NSW. I descend from a strong line of men and women from the Beale and Griffith bloodlines and am so lucky to have been surrounded and guided by my family growing up. Wurrumay means son in my Gamilaraay language, and was only fitting to name my business this as I have two sons of my own, who are my world. I currently reside in Western Australia with my husband Josh and two sons Jace and George. 

I initially started my business as an art page about 5 years ago doing random commissions here and there. I have spent many hours painting since I was a little girl but got back into it properly when pregnant with my eldest son.
During maternity leave with my second son, I decided to expand my 'art' page to hopefully make it into a proper business - a 'collective' and to offer so much more then just commissioned artwork.
I have a passion for luxury home, bath and body products and love nothing more then lighting a nice candle while having a soak in the bath so it made sense to learn how to make all the self-care things that I love using. I wanted to bring more accessible, culturally safe and affordable everyday luxury products to the world. I have learnt how to make so many products and love creating new and exciting products, I like to challenge myself and always looks for ways to improve myself and my brand. I'm usually working on something behind the scenes to release.
As an Aboriginal woman I try to find better ways to live a low tox life and to care for country so I have implemented many waste free and recyclable packaging options with the business and have a goal to one day go completely plastic free. 
A special mention to my late uncle Duck and my grandfather, you have inspired me to do so much with myself, my family and most importantly my art and culture. Thank you for everything you taught me. Always in my heart.
Eldest brother Dylan, Uncle Duck and baby me
 Me and pop, miss you everyday old fulla