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Wurrumay Collective are proud to bring you our Artist Collection. Luxury hand poured soy candles featuring our guest artists artwork and their own hand picked fragrances to match. A % of every candle will be paid directly to the artist.

Aboriginal Flag - By Tishara Garrett
Fragranced in lemongrass sage

Gulangoor Duwali By Tishara Garrett
Fragranced in her favourite perfume Bombshell

Nangarim By Tishara Garrett
Fragranced in Lavender & Ylang Ylang

Seeds of Yesterday by Mahalia Mabo
Fragranced in Vanilla, Coconut and Pineapple

About the Artists:

Mahalia Mabo

Mahalia is a proud Manbarra, Nywaigi and Meriam woman. She comes from a long line of artists and creatives. Her paternal grandparents, the late activists Eddie Koiki Mabo and Dr Bonita Mabo were both artists and creatives, her father a sculpturist and mother and maternal grandmother painters. Mahalia is an intuitive artist. Her artwork represents her connection to Country, family and her saltwater heritage. Her paternal grandfather connects her to Mer in the Torres Straits and her paternal grandmother connects her to the Great Barrier Reef and its creation story.  

Tishara Garrett

Tishara Garrett is a passionate creative and founder of KYKOE. She is a Saisarem, Butchulla, Barada Barna and Cingalese woman, wife and mother of three.

Tishara’s artworks draw on her experiences, love of nature and the cultural knowledge and stories passed down to her. As a contemporary artist she uses elements from both of her Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage while ensuring each piece she creates stays true to her own style.


Aboriginal Flag by Tishara Garrett
A contemporary adaption of the Aboriginal Flag.
Black represents the people
Yellow symbolises the sun and giver and re-newer of life
Red represents the land

Galangoor Duwalami by Tishara Garrett
Translating to 'good meeting place' in Butchulla. This print symbolises the interconnection of community and the importance of creating spaces which are safe to stay, visit and/or gather. Throughout the print there are journey lines representing the paths taken to reach each meeting place, which are each uniquely detailed depicting that although they differ in size and location these meeting places hold steady for those who need a good and safe space to gather, sit, reflect and stay a while.

Nangarim by Tishara Garrett
On a soft pastel background with white details this print was created in line with the 2023 NAIDOC them 'For Our Elders'. The people gathering within the centre represent family groups on Country with Elders surrounding them as they watch over, protect, share knowledge and guide them.
Our Elders are important and respected people within the community. They are cultural knowledge holders, survivors, teachers, leaders and advocates.
The title of this print is Nangarim which translates to 'dream' in Butchulla.

Seeds of Yesterday - Mahalia Mabo
We'd sit in the water apple tree out the front, talking and laughing. We didnt call them water apples though. They were Ero's and we'd eat em' till our bellies were full or all the ripe ones were gone, whichever came first. My grandfather planted it from seeds from the Mer. Once, we sold a white plastic bag full of them to the old fulla across the road. Not sure how much we charged for them but he paid and took the whole bag, even though he had his own water apple tree in his front yard.. Grown from seeds dispersed from by Grandfathers.


100% Australian Soy Wax with the highest quality fragrances.


Our candles come ready to light. Find a safe surface and keep out of reach of children. Before each burn please trim the wick to 5mm and remove any mushrooming from previous burns. Ensure your wax pools. Allow the entire top layer to become a liquid pool of wax and burn to the edge each time to reduce chances of a memory ring forming. Candles should not burn for longer then 4 hours each burn.


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Jody T
Perfect Gift - Great Quality

Amazing candles from a fabulous Blak business 10/10 delivery and presentation


Soooo beautiful!!