Mini Coolamon and Clapstick Set

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Beautiful hand made artefacts by Arron Nicholls owner of Spirit bird Creations.

The mini coolamon and clapstick sets are perfect to display in your workplace/desk space or home. They are a minature version of Arron's Coolamons and clapsticks.

Coolamon Size: Roughly 20cm
Clapstick Size: Roughly 10-12cm

Wood Type: Grey Box

Coolamons were traditionally used by Aboriginal people to carry water, native foods, as well as to carry and cradle babies. Coolamons are still used today for the above purposes, but are also used as centre/display pieces.

Clapsticks are a traditional instrument used by men and women across all different communities and tribes. Clapsticks are still used today to make music for traditional song and dance.

While Wadi Wadi Country at Swan Hill, Victoria, is Arron’s birthplace, it is one of the many Nations he is connected to in the South-East of Australia. From a young age, Arron has continued to learn about his Culture through his Dad, Doug, and his role as an Aboriginal Cultural Officer. In addition, Arron learned how to make boomerangs off his Elder Uncle Kevin Pearse from Robinvale Victoria,

Spirit Bird Creations, owned and operated by Arron provides him with the opportunity to use his cultural knowledge to create wooden artefacts that are in high demand. And take the youth out bush for camps on Country.

All pieces are hand crafted, meaning they are unique and individual. Colours and sizes may vary. 

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