Scrunchies (Emu Dreaming)

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Artist: Maraget Nangala Gallagher

A bold scrunchie full of coloured details depicts the emu and bush turkey which would travel around country collecting bush raisins and mash them into fruit balls which they would each store in their nests. They begin to grow jealous of one another with the emu believing the bush turkey was picking the best and juiciest of raisins leaving him with all the sour ones so the emu devised a plan and while the turkey was out hunting he entered his nest and smashed all of the raisins. Once the turkey returned and realised what had happened he went to the emu and confronted him which resulted in a huge fight leaving neither of them with any raisins. 

Handmade in our home with 100% Cotton Material

Colours and Prints may vary due to the cutting and sizing of the fabric. May not be the exact same as the display image.