Scrunchies (Goanna Dreaming)

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Artist: Melissa Napangardi Williams

This Jukurrpa tells the story of a Japangardi man named Wamaru who travelled south from Jarrardajarrayi to Yarripilangu. When Wamaru arrived he approached a group of 'karnta' (women) that were sitting in a circle on the ground. Wanting to woo a woman within the circle, a Nungarrari woman named Yurlkurinyi, but was the wrong skin for him. By tribal law this woman was his mother-in-law and their relationship would be Taboo. Wamaru wooed the woman and developed a relationship, they travelled up Hill in Yarripilangu together. When they arrived the earth turned to white ochre and the man turned himself and the karnta into 'wardapi' (goannas)

Handmade in our home with 100% Cotton Material

Colours and Prints may vary due to the cutting and sizing of the fabric. May not be the exact same as the display image.

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