Scrunchie (Swamp Turtle Country)

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Swamp Turtle Country - Balu Balu Murra by Gordon Lansden

A lagoon where there are dry leaves at the edge of the water. We burn the leaves and that grass called Madjyunga. We old people used to go down digging all those turtle eggs in the swampy country. We got all the lilies, made campfires. That's the way we've been brought up - on the land. The land was very good for hunting in those early days when I was a kid. My great great grandfather told me all the stories I tell in my paintings, so people know what we should of on the whole land. This lagoon, Balu Balu Murra, its where there are ducks living, and goose, pelican and crane, everything. People used to go to that lagoon to get all the turtle eggs and lily roots called Wangulama and lily seed called Jyalma.

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