Scrunchie (Firewater Dreaming)

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Ngapa, meaning rain or water, and Waru, meaning fire, are represented in this work. The Warlukurlangu fire dreaming country begins west of Yuendumu, and extends south for hundreds of kilometres. This country was formed when the blue-tongue lizard man sent flames to punish his sons who had broken the law. Adjoining Warlukurlongu is Pirlinyanu, a rain dreaming site created by mythical rain-makers. The fire is depicted at the centre, and the running waters at top and bottom. The short parallel strokes are lightning flashes.

Artist: Maureen Hudson Nampajimpa

Handmade in our home with 
100% Cotton Material

Colours and Prints may vary due to the cutting and sizing of the fabric. May not be the exact same as the display artists.